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kalonji black cumin

Black Cumin – Miracle Seeds that Offer Unlimited Health Benefits

Black cumin or black caraway, scientifically known as Nigella sativa, is a flowering plant that is native to south Asia….

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lotus for diabetes

Lotus Seeds – A Discovery that will Bankrupt Leading Global Insulin Companies

Global insulin companies are making tens of billions of dollars every year by selling insulin to diabetic patients.  They don’t…

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red peppers benefits

6 Marvellous Health Benefits of Red Peppers

Use of red peppers in subcontinent dishes is very common; however western world is yet to fully enjoy the taste…

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artichoke health food

Artichoke Benefits- The Least Discussed Health Food

Have you ever seen the treatment of a disease with a health food? I have personally experienced it because one…

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soya beans

Organic Soy Milk Nutrition for Health Maintenance

Have you ever wondered why so many people around the globe prefer organic soy milk over cow milk? It’s no…

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Unhealthy Foods List You Must Avoid Incorporating Into Diet Plan

With so much talk of unhealthy and junk foods and their effects on the health, you would have been warned…

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super foods

6 Super Foods For Super Health

Super Foods for Super Health What you put in your body clearly has a profound effect on your overall wellness…

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