Bouillon – A Perfect Starter to Keep You Warm in Winter

A steaming bowl of Bouillon packed with herbs and seasonal fresh vegetables is not only a good appetizer to start your meal but it is also enriched in essential nutrients for a perfect food during the winter months.

bouillon noodle soup

What Actually is Bouillon?

Bouillon is a popular French cuisine – a soup which is simmered with beef, fish and vegetables and some other ingredients are also added according to the dish. To extract the flavors, bullion (broth) is cooked until the flavors and nutrients are extracted into the mix.

In Maldives, Bouillon is a basic food item not particularly served as a soup, but in Japan, Kombu is particularly used that serve the basis for broths. Court Bouillon is another popular broth, which is prepared just like meat bouillon – mainly includes seafood as core ingredient, mixed with vegetables and eggs.

How Bouillon is Cooked?

People all around the world tend to cook bouillon soup in different ways depending on the main ingredient added into it. Preparation time differs if beef, poultry bones are added into it or if herbs with vegetables are added into the meat or fish.

It takes a lot of time from start to finish but the end product is a great appetizer along with regular meal.

If you are going to cook broth, add shredded meat and chicken, cut the other ingredients that you may want to add into smaller size for even cooking. You can also add rice, pulses and barley!

Bouillon is often mixed with vegetables and some herbs for aroma and taste – other ingredients such as wine, salt and black pepper are added at different cuisines around the world and at home.

Round off meal with bouillon healthy serving! Whether you want to make an addition to your meal or a good meal starter, bouillon is a perfect serving.

Health Benefits of Bouillon Soup

Warm-Up Body in winter

Meal could not be better than a hot bowl of bouillon soup in winter. The added chicken, meat, lentils and other vegetables in the soup warm up your body in cold winter.

People have been serving soup for years and years – whenever you get a cold and any kind of ailment; they prescribe a bowl of chicken soup. It is an easy autumn soup that not only warms you up but also a good appetizer.

What are the medicinal properties into it? – if a chicken soup made with wholesome ingredients, you can have definitely some flu fighting potential. The nutrients in the soup nourish your body- garlic and onion added to it got some antibacterial properties and helps to bring the fever down.

Similarly, Ginger is fantastic if you are suffering with a cold and sinusitis.  Added to the soup it has some serious medicinal value into it – and a natural expectorant properties for relieving Flem out of throat. So one can easily get rid of that mucus build-up by taking chicken bouillon regularly.

Go ahead and cook broth easily with shredded meat and chicken!

Reduce Cancer Risk

With inclusion of organic fresh vegetables, soup is a real fresher than any other canned items at the grocery store. Also, health experts often advise to minimize the use of packaged food items. Soup made at home as a whole helps in reducing cancer risk as it contains rich ingredients such as onion, garlic and vegetables.

Helps To Lose Weight

It is of no doubt that soups were to maintain health and in time of sickness. Bullion can be an excellent source of vitamins, fibers and nutrients – a low calorie diet such as this taken with each meal will ensure weight checked and nutrients intake.

How does Bouillon (broth) help you lose weight? Well it all depends on what is added into it.

People who are more conscious about weight can make chicken fish bouillon, blended with green veggies of the season at the comfort of home. Add some garlic, onion and black pepper to enhance its flavor and aroma.

One can also use bouillon cubes to make the soup instantly but nothing beat those old recipes which takes hour for the preparation.

Homemade chicken and vegetable bouillon can be easily digested as it is a low calorie food. It can help in weight loss as added benefits of vegetables rich of fiber help you burn fat and increase metabolism. If you keep it as part of your regular meal, it will keep your belly fill – so you don’t get that cravings of eating high calories diet.

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