Mulberry- Health Benefits, Mulberry Tea, and Mulberry Pizza

Mulberry refers to 10-16 species of deciduous plants belonging to genus Morus. Popular species of mulberry include white mulberries, red mulberries, American mulberries, and black mulberries.

Botanically the fruit of mulberries is not a berry but a collective fruit, which looks like a swollen loganberry.

White mulberry fruits are very sweet and are used to make mulberry desserts. Red mulberries are very deep red in color, and have a flavor that almost equals that of the strawberries.

Black mulberries are juicy and large, with a good balance of tartness and sweetness that make them a very good choice to be used in the preparation of mulberry pizza.

Mulberries- A Must-Eat Superfood

Mulberries- Some Nutritional Facts

Mulberries make a perfect food to add to your daily dietary routine because of the dense amounts of nutrients they supply to your body. Following is the list of key nutrients provided by the mulberries. All the nutrient value has been shown per 100 grams of mulberries.

  • 39 milligrams calcium
  • 18 milligrams magnesium
  • 194 milligrams potassium
  • 12 milligrams zinc
  • 86 milligrams iron
  • 7 grams dietary fiber
  • 36 milligrams ascorbic acid or Vitamin C
  • 6 milligrams niacin
  • 10 milligrams riboflavin
  • 8 milligrams vitamin E
  • 8 µg vitamin K
  • 0.4 gram monounsaturated fatty acids
  • 1.44 gram protein

Health Benefits of Raw Mulberry Fruit

 Mulberries Exhibit Anti-Ageing Properties

Mulberries have been shown to be loaded with powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E which are renowned as effective anti-aging nutrients.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, helps create firmer-feeling, wrinkle-free-looking skin while reducing the signs of uneven skin tone. Recent researches have shown that vitamin C helps mitigate the effects of exposure to the radiation and helps skin’s surface rebuff external stressors.

Vitamin E is also associated with reducing age-related conditions. It anchors itself in the skin membrane which inhibits the entry of free radicals into the cells. Free radicals are harmful compounds that cause oxidative stress, resulting in fast skin degradation.

Mulberry Promotes Fast Muscle Gains

As mulberries are rich in protein, they make an excellent diet for those people who want to add muscle mass to their bodies.

Many people consume mulberries after performing resistance training sessions  to gain muscle mass as just 3 ounces of mulberries provide 9 grams of protein. Protein contains amino acids that are considered to be building blocks of muscle mass.

Mulberries Detoxify Blood

Mulberry is considered as a blood tonic by many herbalists as ingredients in mulberries cleanse the blood and improve circulation.

There is some scientific evidence that mulberries help in strengthening the entire cardiovascular system by soothing and calming the nerves and promoting the metabolism of alcohol.

Mulberries Control Blood Sugar Levels

Mulberry contains flavonoids that help control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients by reducing insulin insensitivity.

Mulberries have also been shown to promote balanced sugar by preventing sugar level spike in healthy individuals.

A recent study has revealed that gallic acid in mulberries is very effective in reducing the blood sugar levels.

Mulberries Enhance Longevity

Mulberries plant contains handsome amounts of an antioxidant “resveratrol” which has been shown to confer many benefits on the health of individuals. A study conducted at University of Texas Health Science Center has shown that resveratrol induces positive effects on longevity and sexual performance.

Mulberries Promote Hair Growth

Mulberry helps make your hair healthier as they rejuvenate hair follicles. Mulberries contain antioxidants and zinc which help promote hair growth, thus preventing or slowing down hair loss due to medical conditions.

However, there is no scientific study that suggests that mulberries are effective in controlling or reversing male-pattern or female-pattern baldness.

Health Benefits of Mulberry Tea

Mulberry tea is prepared from the mulberry tree leaves. Numerous scientific investigations have suggested that mulberry tea leaves have over 20 times more calcium in comparison to milk and have more iron than spinach. The health benefits provided by mulberry tea include:

Mulberry Tea Reduces Bad Cholesterol Levels

A study in 2013 by “BioMed Research International” has shown that when the cholesterol patients were given the 280 grams of mulberry leaf powder for three times regularly for three months, there was a significant decrease in the levels of LDL cholesterol levels, also known as “bad cholesterol”.

Mulberries Tea Leaves Exhibit Anti-Inflammatory Effects

A study conducted on rats in 2010 revealed that extracts of mulberry leaves lessened the symptoms of inflammation in rats with paws’ edema.

A recent study conducted by Romanian scientists have shown that a combination of mulberry tea leaves extract and curcumin may be a new lead into natural remedies for treating gout and other forms of arthritis.

Mulberry Tea is a Cognitive Enhancer

A study at University of Khon Kaen in Thailand has revealed that extracts of mulberry leaves are effective in improving long-term memory and reducing oxidative stress. Rats with memory impairment and brain damage were fed on mulberries leaves for a few weeks. When they were tested for improvements in memory and cognitive behavior, 80% of rats showed positive results.

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Mulberry Tea?

Leaves of the mulberry tea which have been processed without any pesticides and fertilizers offer maximum health benefits for the consumers. The high-quality loose-leaf mulberry tea should be selected as it consists of all essential oils which lacks in the processed tea bags. In order to make an aromatic and health-promoting cup of tea, follow these steps:

  1. Boil about 250 ml water in a pot
  2. Add one teaspoon of mulberries leaf to the boiling water
  3. Let the water boil for some more time
  4. Turn off the fire and steep the pot for 4 to 5 minutes
  5. Pour and enjoy

How to Make Mulberry Pizza?

Follow these steps to make delicious mulberry street pizza at home:

  1. In a large bowl, combine 3 tablespoons of yeast sugar with one glass of water and stir with a tablespoon until mixed
  2. Cover with a towel and let stand for 20 minutes
  3. Add the salt and olive oil in small quantities and add some water
  4. Stir in 2 cups flour at a time
  5. Dust your fingers with flour and knead dough for 3 minutes
  6. Place dough in a pot and cover with a cotton cloth
  7. After some time, knead the dough again
  8. Roll and put in an oblong pan
  9. Spread dough on a greased pan evenly
  10. Next step is to prick dough with a fork and bake at 420 degrees until brown on the bottom
  11. Remove from oven and add toppings of your choice
  12. Put back in oven until it is cooked to your liking
  13. Enjoy delicious mulberry pizza

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