Stop Snoring with 3 Wonderful Home Remedies

If you happen to be someone whose partner is in the habit of snoring during sleep, there is a chance that his or her nightly sonorities are fraying your loving relationship. Snoring is a very common problem and it is estimated that approximately 21% of world population suffer from this condition. Snoring is just noisy breathing during sleep and is harmless; however it may annoy and disturb people who share your bed or room. Good news is that you can stop snoring with snore-relieving home remedies that can help you enjoy a sweet and peaceful good night sleep.


Home Remedies for Snoring are quite effective
Home Remedies for Snoring are quite effective

Why Snoring Occurs?

Snoring is caused by the relaxation of soft muscles in the mouth and throat. The muscles in your throat can get so relaxed that they vibrate against the tonsils and adenoids as air passes by, producing intense vibrations which result in snoring.

Possible Snoring Causes

  • Obesity (extra fatty tissue compresses the air passage)
  • Consuming alcohol before bedtime
  • Nasal congestion due to allergies or influenza
  • Improper sleeping posture
  • Medical conditions such as thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances and diabetes
  • Fat around the chin, jaws and neck
  • Smoking
  • Old age

3 Amazing Home Remedies to Stop Snoring

1. Turmeric powder and milk mixture: Considered to be a super food by many herbalist and nutritionists, turmeric contains ingredients that keep the muscles in the mouth and throat tight. Mix three teaspoons of turmeric in one glass of lukewarm soy milk and consume daily for two months before going to bed to stop snoring naturally.

2. Olive oil and coconut oil mixture: Mix two teaspoons of olive oil with coconut oil and consume it before going to bed. You can also add this mixture to milk to further enhance the effectiveness of this amazing snoring home remedy.

3. Sage and mint mixture: Another amazing home remedy to combat snoring is to use a mixture of sage and mint. Boil a bunch of sage herb in water and add a few drops of mint when the water cools down. Gargle with this solution two times a day for 4 weeks. You will notice an improvement within a couple of weeks of using this wonderful home remedy.

Snoring treatment with home remedies will definitely make you feel rested, energized, and rejuvenated as a result. Give them a try!

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