Liver Cleanse: Why You Need it and How to Do It the Right Way

Most of us are those who love to indulge ourselves to food that is deep fried, dip our snacks into sauces not knowing that those meat patties in our burger and those sauces we are using are products of processed food. But a those few minutes of happy emotions streaming down when we bite that juicy burger makes us forget what trouble we are putting our bodies into – especially our liver.

Don’t be surprised to find out that in few years when your doctor informs you that you got gallbladder stones, high cholesterol level or some other liver problem. Because thanks to our unhealthy food choices we overloaded our liver with toxins that it couldn’t handle and the results are severe and painful.

Love Your Liver

Liver is one of the vital organs in our body; it is the largest and heaviest organ of the body and performs over 500 functions. We have only one liver and it is the only organ that purifies our bloodstream, produces over 13000 different chemicals and about 2000 different enzymes for the body. It is the organ that processes the nutrients from food, removes toxins from the body, builds protein and makes bile.

If we want to ensure that our liver functions properly, we must provide it with foods that cleanse the liver naturally. Nature has provided us with amazing foods that not only cleanse the liver but provides the liver with the minerals and vitamins essential for it to regenerate.

Liver Cleansing or liver flush are ways to detox the liver once or twice a year. But afterwards we must treat our liver with the natural liver cleanse so that we can keep it healthy and strong. We need to incorporate the natural foods in our daily diet so that the liver gets the proper minerals vitamins to function properly.

To live a long and healthy life we must take good care of all of our vital organs. Nature has provided us amazing organic foods in the form of vegetables, fruits, herbs and nut and when we use them we are providing our body the minerals, vitamins and enzymes its need to cleanse itself and function properly. Using these foods we can cleanse our liver and the results are amazing. But before we begin, let’s read about it briefly.

What is a Liver Cleanse?

As we have been abusing our liver with unhealthy processed food for years we need to flush out those toxins so that the liver that perform its function proper because we don’t want the this vital organ to stop working as it’s the main part of our body.

Liver cleanse or liver flush is a natural method of flushing out liver or gallbladder stones, crystals, gravel, residues and debris is an effective and painless way.

The perfect formula for cleansing liver is the combination of diet plan that helps to clear bile ducts, purifies the bloodstream and helps to clean the liver increasing its efficiency.

Foods For Liver Cleansing

liver cleanse foods

The most important foods used in the liver cleansing process are:

Turmeric: Fresh turmeric or dried grounded turmeric powder both forms are used commonly. Turmeric helps to detox the liver and help to flush out dietary carcinogens. You can use turmeric in different ways; South Asians used turmeric powder as a spice in lentil soups, curries, and vegetables stew. Chinese drink turmeric tea to provide energy and to cleanse the liver.

Garlic: Garlic contains allicin and selenium that helps the liver to produce enzymes that help to flush out toxin from the body.

Apples: Nature has gifted apple with such components that helps the liver to cleanse itself. Apples have such natural chemicals in it that it softens gallbladder stones. It is high in pectin that helps to flush out toxin from the digestive tract.

Green vegetables: They are the most important component of a liver cleansing. Green vegetables like spinach, bitter gourd and dandelion are high in chlorophyll that helps to purify your bloodstream and helps the liver in production and flow of bile. The bile helps to remove toxin from your blood and other organs. Other green vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower help the liver to produce enzymes that flushes out carcinogens and other toxins form the body. These green vegetables increase the amount of glucosinolate in the body that aids in enzyme productions in the body.

Olive Oil: Cold pressed olive oil helps by providing a lipid base that helps to suck out toxins in the body, in other words we can say it helps to take the burden off the liver when it is overloaded by toxins. Other organic oils like flaxseed oil and hemp oil help in liver cleansing.

Walnuts: They are high in omega 3 fatty acid, glutathione and amino acid arginine that aids the liver in cleansing process and in detoxifying ammonia.

Lemons: Lemons are rich in vitamin C, squeeze fresh lemon in water and drink it in the morning it will stimulate the liver and it will aid the liver to stimulate the metabolism.

The liver detoxification or cleansing diet will always help our liver to flush out toxins from the body because if the liver fails to remove these toxins from our body; we will face severe illness. To live long and a health life we must take care of our liver. We must show love to our liver by providing it with the all-natural liver cleansing that nature gives us.

Why Should We Go for the Natural Liver cleanse?

  • Because all the ingredients you will be using are natural.
  • You are not going for unnatural process that involves that use of liver cleanse pills or quick fix method.
  • There are no side effects; everything you will be using will be non toxic, and most of all you get to do it at home.
  • The cost of doing a liver cleanse at home is around $15-$20.
  • It is recommended to do a liver cleanse twice a year because every time you do a liver cleanse you are not only cleansing your liver but you are curing a set of different allergies or illness that you may not be aware of. And if you do it properly and regularly twice a year; you will not have to go for that gallbladder removal operation and lose your gall bladder.

How to do the Liver Cleanse in Easy Way?

For a natural liver cleanse you need the following ingredients and things:

Ingredients Dosage
Epsom salt 4 tablespoons
Water 800 ml
Grapefruit Juice 190 ml
Olive Oil (cold pressed) 125 ml

You will also need a 2 pint jars with a lids to shake the mixture and drink it.

Before going for a liver cleanse you need to prepare your body for it. Follow the steps to have a liver cleanse:

  • Weeks before your liver cleanse start eating raw vegetable and fruits in the form of salads, smoothies or juice
  • Drink a lot of apple juice, and it should be fresh apple juice not the canned process apple juice.
  • Drink 5 glasses of pure apple juice for 5 days, because the pectin in apples helps to soften the gallbladder stones. Try to drink half an hour before your meals. And remember eat normal light meal consisting of raw vegetables and fruits.
  • Choose a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) for your liver cleanse as will be at home and don’t have to go anywhere.
  • On the 6th day you must stop taking solid foods from 2 pm. If you feel hungry you may drink water only. And in the meanwhile get other things ready for the cleansing process and follow the instructions carefully.

1. Mix 4 tablespoons of Epsom salt in 800 ml of water in a jar. Shake well so the Epsom salt will dissolve properly. Then take another jar and mix 190 ml of fresh grapefruit juice (without pulp) with 125 ml of olive oil. Shake well and put both of the jars in the fridge.

2. At 6pm drink 200ml of the Epsom salt water and then at 8pm again drink 200ml of the same Epsom salt water.

3. Before going to sleep at 10pm drink the grapefruit and olive oil mixture. Shake well before drinking and drink it in one go. Remember to lie down straight on your back after drinking this mixture and try to sleep in this position.

4. Wake up 6am in the morning and drink the remaining 200ml of the Epsom salt water and after two hours drink the last 200ml of Epsom salt water at 8am.

5. After 2 hours you can drink apple juice or eat any fruit. After a while you may have a few trips to the toilet as you will experience a painless morning diarrhea. The gallstones are removed from your gallbladder and liver and moves out of your body by bowel movement. The bowel movement sinks in the toilet but those green pea stone are the gallstones that are floating because cholesterol in them. There are not food residues as the green color of bile is the proof of these green gallbladder stones. You may eat normally after you have pass out the stones.

Getting rid of gall bladder stones is easy and painless. The apple juice softens the stones and the olive oil help those stones to move through the bile duct easily. People have been using this method for years and it works, and those who did it never experienced pain or didn’t need to go to the hospital. Some will only experience a little illness for 2 days after the liver cleanse.

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