Post Pregnancy Weight Loss – Is It Possible?

Many women gain somewhere between 20 and 35 pounds during pregnancy. Most will gain 3 to 4 pounds during the first trimester, and then 4 pound a month for the rest of the pregnancy.

Much of the weight that women gain during pregnancy is not obesity, but rather is related to the baby. Baby weight adds up 8 pounds to a pregnant mom’s weight, placenta approximately 3 pounds, breast tissue 2-3 pounds, blood supply 4 pounds, fat-stores 5-9 pounds, uterus growth 2-3 pounds, and amniotic fluid adds up 2-3 pounds to the weight.

Studies show that 25% of women appear to hold on to 11-12 pounds a year after giving birth and 41% retain at least a couple of pounds postpartum. Post pregnancy weight loss is possible by making lifestyle changes and using abdominal wraps.

Post pregnancy weight loss
Losing Post Pregnancy Weight with Amazing Tips

A Realistic Approach for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

A realistic approach for newly mums who want to shed weight would be to think about losing approximately one pound body weight per week. Researches have revealed that an average woman would require 11 to 12 months to lose all of her pregnancy weight. Women who don’t take steps to lose their weight within this time period are at a greater risk of retaining the post pregnancy weight for the long term.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Consume Fiber Rich Diets: Studies show that both a healthy diet plan and physical activity play a key role in the weight-loss process of post-pregnancy busty mums.

Eating healthy and incorporating veggies and fruits into daily diet routine is a key to lose weight at a healthy pace. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber which give the feeling of fullness and stabilize blood insulin levels, thus reducing cravings and untimely hunger.

Other fiber-rich diets that should be incorporated into post pregnancy diet plan include beans, oats, grains, lentils, and seeds. Eat at least five portions of small-sized meals throughout a day and watch the type and number of snacks you eat between meals.

Follow a Regular Exercise Routine: Combine healthy eating with some gentle exercise routine such as stretching, walking, jogging and yoga. However, avoid following a strenuous exercise routine after six weeks of giving birth to the baby.

Most women can start walking 12 hours after giving birth, regardless of whether they have a C-section or gave birth vaginally. Walking makes one of the best exercises to shed post pregnancy weight fast.

Studies have shown that women who walk for 30 minutes a day, five days a week are less likely to retain 11 pounds a year after giving birth than women who spend their time watching television or playing games.

Breast Feed Your Baby: Breast-feeding is also effective for making your post pregnancy weight-loss efforts fruitful.Studies have revealed that women who breast-feed 5 times a day burn 500-600 calories. However, weight loss with breast feeding depends on so many variables, including how many calories you eat per day compared to how many you burn.

Use Postpartum Abdominal Wraps: Postpartum abdominal warps are quite popular among busty moms for post pregnancy weight loss. Researches show that a continuous gentle compression on abs helps the uterus to return to its normal size, which helps flatten stomach faster.

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