Top 8 Warning Signs of Stress

Stress can have disastrous effects on mood, emotions, behavior and physical health of individuals. There are numerous disorders that can hit people who are faced with repetitive distress ranging from depression and hypertension to auto-immune diseases and heart attack. Early warning signs of stress that one should look for if he or she is under consistent stress over months include:

Top warning signs of stress

Physical Warning Signs of Stress:

Tiredness and fatigue: One of the noticeable warning signs that someone has stress is that he or she feels low in energy. Oftentimes, fatigue is felt on a consistent basis and a person has difficulty concentrating and relaxing.

Palpitations: Stressed people experience chest pain and rapid heartbeat. Our bodies produce adrenaline during time of intense fear to give us enough energy to fight or run away. However, those with stress have an overactive system that will continue to produce adrenaline even if there is no danger. When that overly-produced adrenaline rushes towards heart, it makes heart to speed up as a response. Those having severe stress and panic attacks may experience this disturbing sensation even when they are not having stressful thoughts.

Changes in appetite: Another early warning sign of physical stress is that affected people experience loss of appetite or develop the habit of overeating “comfort foods”. Persistent stress makes some people to lose hunger because the excess stomach acid makes an individual feel fuller for longer, causing chemicals that signal hunger to brain remain inactive for longer. Stress also makes some people to eat more because of over-production of positive neurotransmitters. Whenever these people become stressed, these neurotransmitters or brain chemicals make them feel hungry. Their bodies crave food when they are suffering from stress.

Less inclination towards exercise: A common early warning sign of stress is that affected people may be less inclined to exercise. Numerous studies have suggested that stress inhibits physical activity because unpleasant sensations associated with an intense physical activity become even more salient when someone is under stress.

Psychological Warning Signs of Stress:

Unusual agitation: People who are stressed can easily become frustrated and agitated. Mood swings are common occurrences for them because they are not in one state of mind all the time.

Loss of interest in social activities: Most stressed people like to remain in isolation and have few close friends. They find it difficult to live in increasingly challenging and fast-paced world due to which they surrender themselves to the life routine that lies in their comfort zone. They also start avoiding the events and situations which can trigger stress and anxiety.

Make bad decisions: Researches have revealed that one early warning sign of stress is that affected people may end up making bad decisions. This is because they tend to overemphasize the positive outcomes of their decisions, while under-emphasizing the potential negative ones.

Take foolish risks: Stressed people are more likely to take foolish risks than individuals who stay cool and calm. This is due to the reason that socially stressed individuals focus on regulating their response to the source of the stress, not on their senses.

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